Our Mission

Our mission is to save minds and hearts, to begin with a single school and provide for those children’s welfare and education while simultaneously teaching children and adolscents to support themselves and improve their communities.

Our intent is to help them, and help them help themselves, but also learn what approaches work best. To connect these isolated nodes with other organizations that have cracked the code on how a community can begin with little and leverage themselves into self-sustained existence.

And then the magic begins. Our philosophy is that a human being in hunger and need cannot learn, or think clearly about the future. Your donations will remove that immediate need, the urgent survival drive for these children, and will allow them the chance to learn new behaviors and philosophies.

SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. By studying successful organizations that have helped raise disadvantaged communities around the world, we believe it will be possible to determine which ideas work best. Our mission is to teach this ideaology to children with full bellies and dry beds, and they begin to believe in themselves and their futures.