Our mission is to create a sustainable future for impoverished children around the world


Our purpose is to love and serve impoverished children around the globe. Meeting their physical and emotional needs by equipping them to leverage their resources to create a sustainable future.

Our Purpose

Increase children’s access to educational opportunities globally by

Providing & improving educational
Developing strategic
Providing resources to enhance education

You have a chance to share the joy, the love, and the magic of hope.

Our Story

We are doing something different.

Our intent is to identify successful programs around the world and ask: what did they do right? How did they help people help themselves? Teaching them to leverage their time, energy, and intelligence, their communities, and local institutions to create goods and services now, for a sustainable future later.

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Helping those to better help themselves.

A School Bell Rings is committed to helping those in need to help themselves. While grasping the idea that the first step to a better future is helping them out of immediate urgent need, now. For a small donation, you can help better the lives of impoverished children around the world.